Research Initiatives

Our efforts have pioneered research in the area of genetics and regenerative medicine, specifically gene therapy.


Our research began in 1997 at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School with Dr. Anthony Atala. He constructed the first team of researchers including Alan Beggs, PhD who still remains at the forefront of our congenital myopathy research. Over the years the team continued to grow organically, spanning the globe and providing us with world-renowned researchers in their field. One thing all our researchers have in common is their altruistic mindset that their work is for the betterment of mankind. This mindset produces an environment of collaboration, which has been a catalyst for success.


At times, we moved at a snail’s pace – creeping ever so slowly toward a breakthrough. At other times, we moved at warp speed and could hardly keep up with the advancements being made. But, we were always – ALWAYS – pushing science past its known limitations.


There have been many areas of scientific breakthrough under the funding of JFF. The two accomplishments that we are the most proud of are: 1) establishing the first MTM mouse colony in the United States and 2) locating and establishing the first large animal model for MTM in the world. 


Our areas of involvement include support to the following programs: Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine, University of Washington, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, CMDIR, NIH/NCATS Global Rare Disease Registry Program 


For a list of all research initiatives, you can click here Breakthroughs in Research


"It is time for us to stand and cheer for the doer, the achiever, the one who recognizes the challenge and does something about it."

-Vince Lombardi