Joshua’s Corner

Joshua Frase Foundation - Stories from Joshua's close buddies

For a boy who couldn't walk on his own, Joshua never let that stop him from reaching out and touching the lives of many. We want to share a few pieces from his close buddies.


Fate is a Fickle Beast

by Daniel Forsythe

Fate is a fickle beast. As fate would have it, I was born a perfectly healthy baby boy whom, now on the precipice of matriculation, has a bright future withing my grasp. But fate is a double edged blade. As fate would have it the perfect baby boy born alphabetically next in line to me in our school's registry would not live to see his sixteenth birthday. here to read more


Nkumu Mandungu

I am convinced that words cannot fully articulate or capture Joshua's impact nor entirely describe him. They merely grant one a general picture of who he is. I have also come to believe, as Joshua taught me through many of his inherent attributes, that though great leaders/people of destiny, are not born but are made, they do however have innate traits that set them apart very early. I also strongly believe that Joshua's legacy and impact will span far beyond what we currently envision. His "Map" is just the tip of the iceberg.  We love you all and God bless. 

Nkumu Mandungu, May 1, 2012


A Best Friends' Goodbye

 This is Joshua's best friend on the face of the planet. They were inseperable from the moment they met. These boys did everything together from the time Josh was eleven until Josh passed away.