Joshua Frase Foundation - The personal mission of Joshua Miles Frase

Hold on to your dreams

son of Paul and Alison
brother of Isabella,
caring, funny, smart, honest
lover of PS3, my parents and my friends
Who feels happy when playing with my friends,
sleepy when I read a book,
and mad when my sister annoys or
tattletales on me!
Who needs my parents, friends, and a nurse to stay at home with me
Who gives love, advice, and attention in class
Who fears the dark,
a day without video games,
and how will I live on my own when I grow up
Who would like to see all of Europe, especially Great Britain,
The Daytona 500,
And a Cure for my disorder
Joshua Frase

Personal Mission Statement
Joshua Miles Frase

Joshua Frase
Period 1
Mission Statement

Brick in the Wall.

It’s been my experience throughout my school years that people who see me for the first time don’t know what to expect from me. Some people may think I’m not smart and I drool a little too much. Its weird, but most of the guys I see in class are the ones having a sleep marathon, waking up with drool on their chin. Just kidding! Besides having a little bit of a speech problem, I’m practically like any other 14 year old, who loves to play video games when ever I get the chance.

The truth of the matter is nobody is perfectly normal. Everybody has unique characteristics about them. Every one of my friends is unique and different in their own way. For instance, one of my friends is so obsessed with basketball that I call him the next Lebron James and another friend just started ROTC training at the end of our summer break.

So what I'm trying to say to all of you is that none of you are ‘another brick in the wall’. We all have various types of characteristics but one thing is for sure, none of us is the same and none of us are completely different.

Joshua's Business Plan on "the Importance of Philanthropic Giving" ~  

Joshua’s business project:

 Educate on importance of philanthropic giving by showing examples of past endeavors and their effect on society ie Carnegie, and many others.

Educate on importance of the free enterprise system that we are fortunate to be living in, and how people like the Carnegies, Vanderbilts, used the system to create vast wealth that was later used in philanthropic avenues.  Give current examples; Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, the founder of facebook etc.

Give all students 5 shares

Give students shares for investment dollars

Give students shares for being involved in the development of the business-sweat equity.

Have the academies use this platform as a teaching tool

                  Brainstorming for ideas

                  Developing business

Educate on all aspects of business/commerce; business development, production, marketing, sales force, etc.

written 2010 for a school project 





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"I think a hero is an ordinary individual who finds strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles." 

-Christopher Reeve